Launched in July 2016 Macdonald Cordell Pty Ltd hold the licence to manufacture, market and distribute the Carryback range of products.

  • Originally developed by DuPont, CarrybackR & CarrybackT are sacrificial biodegradable, non DG and non hazardous spray on lubricants which have been shown in initial laboratory work to reduce the friction of steel surfaces by more than 60%.
  • Additional work carried out by the CSIRO found that the vibration energy required to discharge sticky coals was reduced by greater than 70% after treatment with CarrybackR
  • A recent full scale trial of CarrybackR, where a 100 plus wagon coal train was run for 50 loads (including two of their stickiest coals),  produced results which mimicked the CSIRO lab work. Such was the improvement, that vibration energy was reduced by over 70%, jack hammering by 97%, discharge times reduced between 7 and 15% and train velocity was able to be increased.
  • Full scale Haul truck trials in Australia and the region have achieved excellent results – trucks were conditioned with CarrybackT, run for 48 loads (24 hours) before requiring a single application of the product.  Carry back/Hang up was all but eliminated.

We are in the planning phase of running more full scale trials within Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia and are about to commence two full scale trial of CarrybackS – our specialist product designed for use on large conveyors.